About Us

Our Chef and Staff



We Hand-Craft dishes Designed for Taste, Quality and YOU!

After decades of torturing my family trying out new dishes, I have Finally got it right! 

But after all the years I have a bit of an attitude about my cooking.

Come on in and say HI and enjoy some great food with us. I will be glad to fix you something delicious and share a great cup of coffee with you.

Family owned and operated

Gary opened his Rude Café on 5 April 2015 and it was a hot opening, so hot that we had a small fire on the 7th of May. Thanks to all my staff at the Café pitching in on the repairs we were done in a couple weeks. The café in now going strong and all my staff takes pride in knowing they are part of the café and they are waiting for you to come on in and experience our family atmosphere.

April Showers bring Spring Flowers


Ohhh Yuummm....